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Marlboro cigarette varieties

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  • Philip Morris International organized Marlboro products into three divisions - Flavor line, which are original red/full flavor cigarettes, Gold line are former lights and Fresh line compromises of flavoured cigarettes.

    • Flavor line:
      • Marlboro Red
      • Marlboro Core Flavor
      • Marlboro Flavor Mix
      • Marlboro Filter/Flavor Plus
      • Marlboro Beyond
    • Gold line:
      • Marlboro Gold Original
      • Marlboro Gold Touch
      • Marlboro Gold Edge
      • Marlboro Gold Advance
      • Marlboro Gold Beyond
    • Fresh line:
      • Marlboro White Menthol
      • Marlboro Black Menthol
      • Marlboro Fresh
      • Marlboro Ice Blast
      • Marlboro Blue Ice


    American cigarette varieties
    Phillip Morris International markets cigarettes under the Marlboro brand. They come in the following varieties of flavor and packaging:
    • Marlboro - box, 25's box, and soft pack
    • Marlboro 100's - box and soft pack
    • Marlboro Eighty-Threes - box
    • Marlboro 72's - box
    • Marlboro Red Label - box and soft pack
    • Marlboro Red Label 100's - box and soft pack
    • Marlboro Gold Pack - box, 25's box, and soft pack
    • Marlboro Gold Pack 100's - box and soft pack
    • Marlboro Gold Pack 72's - box
    • Marlboro Silver Pack - box
    • Marlboro Silver Pack 100's - box
    • Marlboro Silver Pack 72's - box
    • Marlboro Blend No. 27 - box and soft pack
    • Marlboro Blend No. 27 100's - box
    • Marlboro Virginia Blend - box
    • Marlboro Virginia Blend 100's - box
    • Marlboro Southern Cut - box
    • Marlboro Black - box
    • Marlboro Black 100's - box
    • Marlboro Edge - box
    • Marlboro Special Blend Red - box
    • Marlboro Special Blend Red 100's - box
    • Marlboro Special Blend Gold - box
    • Marlboro Special Blend Gold 100's - box
    • Marlboro Menthol - box and soft pack
    • Marlboro Menthol 100's - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Green Pack 72's - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Blue Pack - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Blue Pack 100's - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Blue Pack 72's - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Rich Blue - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Rich Blue 100's - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Gold Pack - box and soft pack
    • Marlboro Menthol Gold Pack 100's - box and soft pack
    • Marlboro Menthol Silver Pack - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Silver Pack 100's - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Smooth - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Smooth 100's - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Skyline - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Skyline 100's - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Black - box
    • Marlboro Menthol Black 100's - box
    • Marlboro NXT - box

    Different flavors of Marlboro cigarettes


    Marlboro the best selling brand of cigarettes in the world.
    The Marlboro Flavor family, representing quality and tobacco
    expertise, leads the way in bringing smokers the most enjoyable tobacco flavor satisfaction.


    Marlboro Mediums
    Marlboro Medium cigarettes were created to form a middle ground between Marlboro Reds and Marlboro Lights. They have the same signature Marlboro tobacco blend but with slightly less tar and nicotine than the Reds. They are marketed in a white pack with a smaller red Marlboro crest than Reds.


    Marlboro Menthol
    Among the Marlboro cigarette types, this particular version has a strong minty flavor to it. It also has a full flavor version and a lighter flavor version, depending on the consumer’s taste. This variant comes in a similar packaging as the Reds, only it is colored green.


    Marlboro Gold
    Marlboro Gold feature the same tobacco blend as Marlboro Reds but with less concentration of tar and nicotine. Lighter version was created with the increasing popularity of leading a healthier lifestyle. This type was initially called Marlboro 
    lights but with the 2006 US court ruling, this variant is now referred to as Marlboro Gold.


    Marlboro Silver
    Of all the Marlboro cigarette types, this version has the least amount of tar and nicotine. As a concession to rising health concerns, Marlboro developed an Ultra Light brand. Just like the Gold cigarette, it features the same blend of tobacco as the Full Flavored Marlboros but with even less tar and nicotine.


    Marlboro Smooth
    Marlboro also markets a second brand of nicotine cigarette with a different flavor blend. They are marketed in a pack with a blue Marlboro crest. Full Flavor king size cigarettes are on the market.


    Marlboro Filter Plus

    A recent edition, called Marlboro Filter Plus, has become very popular due to the successful combination of the original taste with a new, more effective filter. To advertise this version, the manufacturer created a specific pack, easily distinguishable through its large opening in the front. This edition is particularly popular in Europe and North America.



    Marlboro Touch

    Marlboro Gold Touch and Marlboro Gold Fine Touch, an innovative line of slimmer Marlboro cigarettes with different product characteristics to address a range of adult consumer preferences. Those who have tried them commend the excellent balance between tar and smoothness and, also, the perfect moisture of these cigarettes which still resembles that of the original Reds.



    Marlboro Gold Edge Slims
    Marlboro Gold Edge Slims were developed as people was concerned about health issues, it contains even less tar and nicotine than the Marlboro Gold.


    Marlboro Advance
    Launched in Malaysia. The first Marlboro cigarette with a Recessed Filter for a smooth and satisfying taste, packaged in a vibrant blue foil box.


    Marlboro W-Burst
    Launched in Japan. The first cigarette in the world with two capsules in
    the filter to offer more choice in high cooling taste sensations


    Marlboro Kretek Mint
    Launched in Mexico. The first Marlboro tobacco blend combining the 
    typical character of Indonesian clove with menthol to deliver a uniquely
    refreshing taste sensation.


    Marlboro Premium Black
    Launched in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. An above premium 
    price Marlboro cigarette with a convenient automatic seal to preserve 
    product freshness.

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